The Domestic Mixer Motor test setup has digital indicating meters with class 1 accuracy

Test Setup For Domestic Mixer Motor (IS 4250 / IS 302)

Routine Test

SCR ELEKTRONIKS have developed TESTING SET UP FOR MIXER MOTOR for carrying out performance test and High Voltage test of mixer at final stage. It consists of Voltmeter, Ammeter and Watt meter for observing the values of different parameters. OK / NOT OK lamps are also provided to display the results of HV test. HV test is provided with tripping cut off concept. Output Socket is provided for quick connections and disconnections of the equipment to be tested. User friendly operations make the equipment to be handled easier for any operator.

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The tester is used to check the overload tripping characteristics (trip time vs set current) of the small circuit breaker used in the domestic mixer
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SCR ELEKTRONIKS have designed Commutator Testing Setup to provide Commutator manufacturers and users a simple and speedy method for testing their Commutators.