This test setup is used to test different temperature tests including heating up time test and temperature distribution test

PC Based Test Setup for Electric Iron Testing (IS 366:1991 clauses 10,11,12,13 & 14)

Routine Test Lab Test

SCR ELEKTRONIKS make PC Based Test Setup for Electric Iron Testing is useful to carry out various tests mentioned in IS 366:1991 clauses 10,11,12,13 & 14 on the Iron under test.

The test set up comprises of the following things: 1. Interface Module to read the temperature at 6 different points. 2. Flexible Mechanical Fixture is provided in such a way that Iron of any size can be accommodated. 3. Thermocouple sensors –6 no. Chromium Aluminium Sensors have been provided so as to sense the temperatures at different points of Iron under test. 4. PC system with User-friendly Software so as to allow the operator to carry out various tests on Iron easily.

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The test bench checks for two failure conditions - Contact Weld (passage of current during off time) and contact open (interrupted current during on time)
The panel is designed mainly to test thermostat of an iron for its tripping characteristics like trip temp and trip time