Flame Retardancy Tester as per IEC 60903

This is a flame retardancy tester in accordance with IEC 60903. This test is also mentioned in UL 94, ASTM D 5025, BS EN EN 60903 and GB/T 17622:2008.

As per the standard clause 5.8.2, this instrument performs the flame retardancy test on glove parts or similar material.

  • PLC to control the sequence of operation and display the Test Proceedings.
  • Ball Screw Type sliding mechanism for vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Enclosure with 0.5 cubic meter internal volume (Draught Free Conditions).
  • Bunsens Burner with 9 to 10 mm diameter with regulator and needle flame diameter 0.5 in order to produce a 20mm +/-2mm high blue flame.
  • Test time for temperature to increase from 100° C +/- 5° C to 700° C +/- will be 10 +/- 1 sec.
  • The gas supply shall be technical grade methane gas with a suitable regulator and meter to produce a uniform gas flow. If natural gas is used as an alternative to methane, its heat content should be approximately 37 MJ/m3 which has been found to provide similar results.
  • The Propagation of the flame on the test sample will be observed for 55 Sec. after the withdrawal of the testing flame.
  • Samples Length – 60mm to 70mm & Steel shaft 5mm diameter and 120mm long
  • Test time in second.
  • The test will be carried out in Draught Free Condition.
  • Observation of test from outside from mirror.
  • Chamber from inside should be dark.
  • Exhaust to remove product of combustion after Test Over.
  • Timing device tolerance not more than 0.5s.
  • This device can ignite and close the test flame, START and STOP the test manually done by operator.

  • With PC Data-Logging System
  • The system will be integrated with LabVIEW/PC based test software for automatic operation & test sequence.
  • Sequence of operations is through PC and DAQ system.
  • Setting and control of Heating will be through the PC.
  • Test Time, Application time will be settable. The PC will record Ignition time with manual input from the operator. MySQL or any database of your choice will be used.
  • Results will be stored on PC as per test samples & Date. You can generate reports in your lab’s template automatically on PDF or MS Office format
  • PC will be of either Dell OR HP make. OS will be Windows 11 licence.
  • Camera vision will be provided to record the test.

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