The equipment is a fully automatic one to test all the routine tests of RCCB in one go

PC Based Routine Test of RCCB (HV+Sensitivity Test)(IEC 61009 Annexure D & IS 12640)

Routine Test

The Test Panel is designed to carry out Routine Test of RCCB as per Annexure D of IEC 61009. The Test Panel will be PLC based & PC Datalogging for monitoring and controlling the sequence and storing the data. It will designed for 2 Stations.

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The PC based Test Bench for RCCB can handle almost all of electrical tests to be performed for both A type and AC type RCCBs
Type test bench for RCCB
The product is helpful in conducting all of the electrical type tests mentioned in one go
The test is helpful in conducting both the rated current endurance and leakage current endurance, robustness and repeatability
The test, similar to that of an MCB, is carried out to measure the power loss across each pole
The product is used to conduct 28 days test and temperature rise of the parts of a Circuit Breaker
The vast machine can be used for carrying out Routine Tests namely, “Tripping Test” and “Performance of the Test Device Test”
The test is conducted to asses the dielectric withstand capacity of an RCCB for various insulation paths - between the body and trminals, adjacent terminals and opposite terminals
This is a portable test set up for demonstrating the operational characteristics of a residual current device
The test bench is designed to calibrate the PMR used in an RCCB / RCBO to make it trip within an exact zone of tripping