SCR Elektroniks presents you a bench to test MCCB overload tripping. The number of testing stations can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending upon the through put of the MCCB manufacturer

MCCB Thermal Trip Verification Test Bench (IEC 60947-2 Cl 8.3.3)

Routine Test

SCR Elektroniks presents you a bench to test MCCB routine tests - both thermal tripping and instantaneous tripping as per IEC 60947-2 Cl 8.3.3 in a fully automatic and sequential manner like never before. The system comes with a fully computerized electro-mechanical system complete with high current sources, a set of fixtures that accomodate all the frame sizes of the MCCB product line, fully customized and user friendly software and all the safety interlocks to automatically test the MCCBs for user defined settings. The test fixture system is flexible as well as custom built such that it accommodates a range of MCCBs of a particular manufacturer. Here-in, all that the operator needs to do is to load the MCCBs in one of the fixture trays and the entire testing (including current flow and time-measurement) automatic and precise

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This bench can be customized for any number of fixture stations to accommodate any number of MCCB frame sizes and current ratings for thermal trip current values
This is a hybrid bench to integrate MCCB instantaneous tripping as well as overload tripping
This is a hybrid bench to integrate MCCB over current tripping as well as temperature rise testing
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The system is mainly used to plot / determine the MCCB thermal trip characteristics in a high / low temperature environment
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