Short Time Over Current Tester

Short-time Over Current Test Equipment(IEC 62053, IS 13779)

Lab Test

Short-time Overcurrent Test Equipment is used to measure and analyze the influence of short-time overcurrents on energy meter. This test is described in various standards for energy meters such as IEC 62053, IS 13779 etc. As per CEI / IEC 62053, short-time overcurrents shall not damage the meter. The meter shall perform correctly when back to its initial working condition and the variation of error shall not exceed particular values specified on basis of the class of the energy meter. The Short-time Overcurrent Test Equipment is suitable for testing the influence of Short-time overcurrents on all types of energy meters that should confirm to or exceed the requirements of national and international standards. STOC 01/02/03 is appropriate for use by test laboratories, research & development centers & manufacturers for conformity assessment services, research and type testing. This test is mandatory for electronic and electromechanical energy meters supplied to energy distribution companies that insist listing of the meter by reputable assessment agencies. The STOC 01/02 briefly consists of a power circuit and a control panel. The power circuit feeds the ‘overcurrent’ to the UUT. The control panel provides the user interface to adjust the parameters as per the requirements of the standards and the UUT.