Programmable High Voltage Tester 5kV/1000mA (Referred in many product standards)

Lab Test Routine Test

`SCR' make programmable High Voltage Tester, Model: PHVT-5KV/1000mA incorporates all the desired features to carry out the H.V.Test according to the procedure laid down in the standards. Typically it reads as follows : B.S.794/1938 (Transformers for low voltage lighting) (10a) applied high voltage test : Externally produced A.C voltage of 1000 volts.(R.M.S.) plus twice the rated voltage of the system with a minimum of 2000 volts (R.M.S.) shall be applied for one minute between each individual winding in turn and the remaining windings connected to the frame and any metal enclosure. Equipment is provided with the facility to select burn out test. This test is useful for spotting the breakdown failure location in the product. A switch is provided to select burn out and normal test (HV Test). In normal mode the equipment is like high voltage breakdown tester. When selected in burn out test the tripping mechanism is bypassed and current limiting circuit is introduced in the primary of HV tester. So that even when output terminals are short circuited the current does not exceeds the limit. However the burn out test has to be carried out at lower tripping current ( up to 500 mA)