Programmable High Voltage Tester 10KV/100mA, AC/DC (Referred in many product standards)

Lab Test Routine Test

SCR ELEKTRONIKS make Programmable High Voltage Tester model: PHVT is the unique High Voltage breakdown tester indispensable for all types of Industrial grade Electrical products manufacturers for carrying out H.V.Test according to different standards. High Voltage Test is important to ensure the satisfactory and safe performance of all types of electrical products. It is carried out by applying a specified voltage to the object under test gradually and then maintaining the same voltage for the desired time period. Then the applied voltage is gradually reduced at uniformed rate. In case of breakdown the voltage must be switched off instantly to avoid the burn out. It is also necessary to know the leakage current for a specified voltage. `SCR' make programmable High Voltage Tester, Model: PHVT-10KV, 100mA /AC DC incorporates all the desired features to carry out the H.V.Test according to the procedure laid down in the standards.