Switch Di Electric

PLC based Switch Di-Electric Routine Test Bench (IEC 60669 BS EN 60669 IS 3854)

Routine Test

The SCR Elektroniks Switch Di-Electric Test Bench is designed to verify the high voltage testing of household and rocker switches (SPST and SPDT) as per IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669. The system employs Siemens PLC to carry out the test sequence and test parameter (timing) setting. The di-electric strength test is referred to as Clause 16.2 in the following standards:IEC 60669 BS-EN 60669 IS 3854.The above test can be customized with respect to the test voltage (kV), leakage current measurement (mA), test time, etc. In addition, the test sequence with respect to the terminals of Single pole Single throw switch as well as Single pole Double throw switch on to which dielectric voltage is applied can be pre-programmed.

In addition, there is a continuity test module which helps in checking the conformance of the switch in closed condition to ensure complete reliability of the switch w r t operation and safety before being shipped out for sale.

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