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This is SCR Elektronik's single phase impulse winding tester

Impulse Tester (( a) Low Voltage Switchgear and Control gear: IS / IEC 60947 -2004 Cl. No: b) Circuit Breakers: IS/IEC 60898:2002 & 97.6.2 c) RCCBs & MCBs: IEC 61008 & 61009: 9.20 d) IEC 61180))

Lab Test

Testing as per IEC 61180, IEC 61008-1, IEC 60335, IEC 60950, IEC 60947 The Impulse Voltage Test Equipment is designed to generate voltage impulse of 12kV (as per model) (both pola rities, settable). The wave form generated has a rise time of 1.2 micro second and 50 micro second duration. This test is described in various standards including IEC 61180.

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