SCR ELEKTRONIKS make ELECTRICAL SAFETY TEST EQUIPMENT is an application specific, customized test bench for electrical testing of LED assembly unit (LED MCPCB)

The test system comprises of:

1. High Voltage Tester: This is for Hipot Test from 0 to 1.5kV. The tripping currents are 2, 5, 10, 25
and 50mA can be selected through switch. Fault Indicator to confirm test results on bench and
same is available in TestWare.

2. Insulation Resistance Tester: This test is conducted at 500V DC, with measuring ranges from
0.1MΩ up to 20MΩ and selectable tripping levels- 1, 2, 5, 10, 20MΩ. Fault/Pass Indicator to
confirm test results is available in on bench & in TestWare.

3. Run Test: The supply voltage is applied to product under test through LED driver unit (part of
test equipment). For test of each product a different driver circuit is included in circuit.

4. PC with TestWare: This is standard PC with Interface system & TestWare software tailored for
automatic data-logging & report generation.

It combines

the following tests

  • High Voltage Test

  • Insulation Resistance Test

  • Run Test

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