MCCB Short Circuit Trip Verification Test Bench (As per IEC 60947-2)

This bench is built to test MCCB instantaneous tripping (also known as Short Circuit or Magnetic tripping)as per IEC 60947-2 Cl 8.3.3

Available in multi-pole testing options
Available in Manual as well as PC based option
Drop down menu in the software to once select the type (rating or calibre) of MCCB: Rest of the test parameters get selected automatically (User can simply jump from one type of MCCB to other instantaneously)
Current setting is instant without any auto transformer movement (Saves time and error due to human handling) for low current (<2000 A) system
Software: NI LabVIEW based for user interface, settings selection, process control & report generation
Debug / Diagnostic Mode in the software
Servo Controlled Voltage Regulation ensures stable voltage at the output
Pneumatic based test jigs for correct contact at terminals
In built transducers and metering for accurate measurement and display of current and time transients ranging in milliseconds
Contactor based heavy duty switching with indigenized relay based switching circuit for exact Test ON time
Test results are displayed on monitor and stored against serial number or a bar code
Generation of Reports in MS Excel format or to Print
Exact trip current wave-form (and not a vague band) is displayed on PC

  • 440 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz input
  • Output current programmable up to 10000 A short time (Depending on the model chosen: User can customize the model) for short circuit trip testing of MCB at a conveniently low voltage
  • Can test MCCBs of different ratings and different number of poles on a single bench
  • Test Procedure options: IEC 60947-2 Cl 8.3.3 / customized
  • Pressure Required for pneumatic handling: Approximately 8-12 Bar depending on the MCCB size
  • PC provided: IBM PC / compatible make with NI LabVIEW based TestwareTM
  • 500 VA branded UPS (provided as an optional accessory)

This bench is built to test MCCB instantaneous tripping (also known as Short Circuit or Magnetic tripping) as per IEC 60947-2 Cl 8.3.3 and custom based requirements. A speciality of the system is that it includes differently designed systems for two different current ranges (Smaller range for currents < 2000 A and higher range for currents >2000 A) thus ensuring equal reliability, accuracy and regulation for both low current and higher current MCCBs. Specially designed custom built jigs are able to accommodate different types of MCCBs enabling the user to test all kinds of miniature circuit breakers on a single test bench. In addition, the system can be made such that it covers the entire range of MCCBs for production floors producing all ratings of MCCBs on a single line.

The system comes with the option of user interface software configured in NI LabVIEW making testing of MCCBs equivalent to clicking a mouse!

A unique feature of the test system along with the in-built TestwareTM is that the user can debug / diagnose for any improper contact ON / failure of internal switching inside the panel by logging in to the debug mode of the software, making panel diagnostics easier than conventional systems. Also, test and compliance parameters can be edited and stored against a particular model such that when the MCCB model is chosen, all test parameters get adjusted accordingly. The data can be exported to an MS-Excel format where it can be analyzed statistically.

The product is better than the competition in every sense with a perfect integration of electrical, embedded systems, measurement and PC-Control technology at a lesser price!

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