This is a hybrid bench to integrate MCCB instantaneous tripping as well as overload tripping as per IEC 60947-2 cl 6.3.3

Available in multi-pole testing options
Drop down menu in the software to once select the type (rating or calibre) of MCCB: Rest of the test parameters get selected automatically (User can simply jump from one type of MCCB to other instantaneously)
IEC based test parameters automatically configured
Software: NI LabVIEW based for user interface, settings selection, process control & report generation
Servo Controlled Voltage Regulation ensures stable voltage at the output
Pneumatic based test jigs for correct contact at terminals
Test results are displayed on monitor and stored against serial number or a bar code
Generation of Reports in MS Excel format or to Print
Exact trip current wave-form (and not a vague band) is displayed on PC
Two or more curves can be compared on PC
Temperature Rise module can be added as an additional option

  • 440 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz input
  • Output current programmable up to 8000 A continuous and 20000 A short time depending upon the customer requirement at a conveniently low voltage. The source capacity can be custom built to suit a typical requirement w r t the current, voltage and VA rating.
  • Can test MCCBs of different ratings and different number of poles on a single bench
  • Test Procedure options: IEC 60947-2 / customized
  • Pressure Required for pneumatic handling: Approximately 8-12 Bar depending on the MCCB size
  • PC provided: IBM PC / compatible make with NI LabVIEW based TestwareTM

This is a hybrid bench to integrate MCCB instantaneous tripping as well as overload tripping as per IEC 60947-2 cl 6.3.3 and custom based requirements. In addition, temperature rise module helps monitor the temperature rise in various parts of the system. The system comes with user interface software configured in NI LabVIEW making testing of MCCBs complete where thermal curves with current as well as temperature rise can be plotted on a PC. The test jig is flexible such that different MCCBs can be tested and compared for their performance.

A unique feature of the test system along with the in-built TestwareTM is that the user can debug / diagnose for any improper contact ON / failure of internal switching inside the panel by logging in to the debug mode of the software, making panel diagnostics easier than conventional systems. Also, test and compliance parameters can be edited and stored against a particular model such that when the MCCB model is chosen, all test parameters get adjusted accordingly. The data can be exported to an MS-Excel format where it can be analyzed statistically.

The software is inbuilt to generate and compare test results of overload, short circuit and temperature rise tests with the user enjoying complete freedom over the test parameters making a truly software based R & D bench.

The product is optimized to include two over current testing modules at a lesser cost thus making it ideally suitable for manufacturers / test lab engineers willing to do research and development on the product as far as over current tripping is concerned. The user may test several prototypes and compare their performance.

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