MCB Magnetic Trip Verification Test Bench (As per IEC 60898)

"As per clause 9.10 of IEC 60898 and test d and e in Table 7 of IEC 60898 clause 8.6.1."

The cycle time is around 7 seconds for 4 pole MCB (less than 2 seconds per pole)
Can be used for both production and R&D purpose with report generation and statistical analysis (Gives a glimpse of the test results instantaneously)
Current setting is instant without any auto transformer movement (Saves time and error due to human handling)
Current, Type of Curve, CT Range, Number of poles are set automatically by the software as per the selected setting: User does not have to configure the above settings
Drop down menu in the software to once select the type (rating or calibre) of MCB: Rest of the test parameters get selected automatically (User can simply jump from one type of MCB to other instantaneously)
Software: NI LabVIEW based for user interface, settings selection, process control & report generation
Line Voltage variation have no effect on actual test current
Test results are displayed on monitor and stored against serial number or a bar code
Generation of Reports in MS Excel format or to Print
Exact trip current wave-form (and not a vague band) and trip time are captured, displayed & recorded on PC

  • Output current programmable from 0.5 A to 1250 A for magnetic trip testing of MCB (Automatic Selection via software)
  • Can test 4 MCBs of single pole OR 2 MCBs of double pole OR 1 MCB of 3 or 4 pole simultaneously for magnetic trip
  • Test Procedure (IEC 60898 9.10.2):

1. Continuity Test – To check for correct electrical closing in the event of MCB being made ON externally by a pneumatic ON mechanism

2. Hold Test (No Trip Test) – To check for holding mechanism for at least 0.1 s after passing current of 3 In for B curve, 5 In for C curve, 10 In for D curve MCB

3. Trip Test – To check for tripping mechanism for less than 0.1 s after passing current of 5 In for B curve, 10 In for C curve, 20 In for D curve MCB

  • Pressure Required for pneumatic handling: Approximately 6 Bar
  • PC provided: IBM PC / compatible make with NI LabVIEW based TestwareTM
  • 500 VA branded UPS

In keeping up with our innovative culture, we present you Magnetic Trip Test Bench for testing of miniature circuit breakers. This test bench is specially built for low voltage- B, C & D curve MCBs. Specially designed custom built jigs are able to accommodate single, double, three and four pole MCBs enabling the user to test all kinds of miniature circuit breakers on a single test bench. The software (that comes with the test equipment) has testing procedures for MCB as per clause 9.10 of IEC 60898 and test d and e in Table 7 of IEC 60898 clause 8.6.1. (Used widely across the world; the corresponding Indian standard is IS 8828). This makes the test bench an ideal one in the list of required MCB Testing equipment for production as well as in the laboratory.

Decades of experience has helped us to design current source (transformer) in a special way such that good current regulation and high accuracy is ensured with a variable range without the use of any variable transformer in the system.

The product is better than the competition in every sense with conventional technology at a lesser price!

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