MCB Magnetic Trip Verification / Demonstration Briefcase (As per IEC 60898)

"To perform test d and e as per Table 7 (test c) of IEC 60898"

Single model covers the three most popular MCB ratings: 6 A, 10 A, 16 A C curve in addition to more ratings. Ideal for sales engineers for live demonstration
Quick test mode to test as per IEC Table 7: Trip time and Test current get adjusted automatically on selection of MCB rating
Enclosed in briefcase for easy carrying (with a handle) and safety
Small in weight, size and portable than most of the conventional trip verification / demonstration units
Specially designed transformer technology for accuracy and testing speed
DIN rail (Instant) mounting and dislodging
Single micro controller unit for user interface with keypad: No need of bulky additional / external auto transformer
Desired current is achieved quickly without time delay: the voltage needed to pump in the short time current is pre-set in the program

  • Input 230 V 1 phase AC / DC
  • Output 320 A max (C curve 32 A – Trip Current), 100 mS max
  • Output Frequency same as mains frequency
  • Weight: Approximately 15 kgs
  • Ratings of MCBs covered for IEC Table 7 test d and e: 0.5 to 32 A c CURVE
  • Trip Current measurement and display resolution: 0.1 A
  • Trip Time measurement and display resolution: 1 mS

The MCB magnetic briefcase is a state of an art current source. It encompasses the size of a mere briefcase and weighs less than 15 kilos, yet it can pump up to 320 A for short time (100 mS) making it an ideal portable test kit for magnetic testing of MCBs. The briefcase is designed mainly to perform test d and e as per Table 7 (test c) of IEC 60898 for up to C curve 32 A MCBs.

The user friendly micro-controller has facility to feed many MCB settings such as curve selection (B or C), holding current (3 times for B curve and 5 times for C curve as per IEC standards), and tripping current (5 times for B curve and 10 times for C curve according to IEC standards). Required current is set instantly by the microcontroller and trip time is caught in milliseconds range. Thus both hold and trip capabilities are verified. The test results are stored and can be viewed after the test.

The system is portable, light weight and comes with a handle. The user can carry it from one place to another.

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