MCB Instantaneous Trip Test Bench (at Rated Voltage)

"To carry out test as per IEC: 60898-1:2002 Clause 9.10.2 at rated voltage"

Completely stand alone test bench after initial configuration of parameters
Hold function on transient recording meter ensures holding the transient current value
Sequence: By sequencing unit to get O-t-CO-t-CO-t-CO automatic.
Necessary lamps for quick indication on the front panel
Microcontroller based timer to program test sequences
Easy Serviceability due to smart internal wiring pattern
Current Measurement: Transient Recording Meter to hold the current.
Fixture: Electro-pneumatic Fixture with Protected compartment
Output terminals for displaying current on an oscilloscope

        • Input: 415V, 2 phase with neutral.

        • Supply Required : a) Phase I Short Time 240V@700A

b) Phase II 240V@ 5A

  • Rating of MCBs: 0.5A to 63A.
  • Curve: B, C & D Short time.
  • Test Current: 1.5A to 1500A.
  • Load: Distributed Resistive Load Bank 0.01 to 100.
  • Selection of Load: By shorting link as per chart.
  • CT Ranges : 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 25A, 50A, 100A, 250A, 500A, 750A, 1500A (Selected

through shorting link).

        • Time Measured: 0.1msec to 200msec.

The SCR Elektroniks MCB Instantaneous Trip Test Bench is designed for Testing of MCB to carry out “Test of Instantaneous Tripping and of correct opening of the Contacts” as per IEC: 60898-1:2002 Clause 9.10.2 at rated voltage. This test is carried out with power factor between 0.95 and 1 with the sequence operation being O-t-CO-t-CO-t-CO with timings as specified in

The required test parameters are realized by an expertly designed current source of rating up to 1250 A to accommodate 20 In test current for 63 A D curve MCBs at rated voltage. The resistive load bank ensures a high power factor (0.95-1) maintained for different types of MCBs. The pneumatic fixture is custom built to provide ON /OFF operation of MCB under test that is operated through sequence controller. The sequence controller enables the user to set the timings specified in Cl and in addition, the user can set different test cycles. The transient recording meter measures and digitally displays the time of trip in milliseconds. Other metering includes voltmeter and digital power meter.

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