"The HV waveform generated has a rise time of 1.2 micro second and 50 micro second duration"

Programmable and fully automatic test sequence
LCD Display for Indication of test parameters and result
Programmable module with sequencing for setting of:
1. Positive, Negative or both polarities
2. No. of pulses for positive or Negative polarity
3. Duration between two consecutive Impulses
Selection of polarity: Automatic through PLC Unit
Automatic flash over detection and cut-off circuit
Digital display for flashing number of cycles with polarities for breakdown
Voltage Indication: Digital Meter to indicate peak voltage
Short Circuit / Overload protection with MCBs
Housed in extruded Aluminum Sections for better aesthetics
Output pin for output to oscilloscopes to view exact wave shape

  • Mains Supply : 230 V AC, +/- 10% – 50Hz

  • Impulse Voltage 1kV to 20 kV adjustable with both polarities (-1 kV to -20 kV) depending on the model chosen: 8 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV, 20 kV

  • Impulse Rise Time: 1.2 micro sec. +/- 30%

  • Impulse Duration : 50 micro sec. +/- 20%

  • Output for Oscilloscope: Attenuated output 0 to 10 V for 0 to 10 kV and so forth depending on the model chosen (Linear Scale)

  • Air Supply – Pressure – 5 Kg (Approximate)

Tester is designed to generate impulse voltage of 1.0 KV to 20 KV depending on the model chosen. The waveform generated has a rise time of 1.2 micro second and 50 micro second duration as defined in IEC 61180. The product conforms to the following list of standards:

  • Low Voltage Switchgear and Control gear: IS/IEC 60947 -2004 Cl. No:

  • Circuit Breakers:  IS/IEC 60898:2002 & 97.6.2

  • Residual Current Operated breakers: IEC 61008 & 61009 : 9.20

Plus, in addition, the test (commonly known as 1.2 / 50 uS test) is referred in a variety different standards.

The entire operation is pre programmable thus making impulse withstand testing as equivalent as automatic. The peak voltage can be adjusted from the front panel. The test sequence i.e. number of Impulse for Positive and Negative polarity, time between two subsequent impulses can be programmed through key pad with the help of dedicated PLC module. The entire sequence, for both positive and negative impulse is automatic. At the end of the test, the test results are displayed on LCD display. Output is provided for connecting an oscilloscope for displaying the Wave Form at the output Terminals.

In case any flash over occurs, it is detected by a circuit which stops the test sequence, and output microcontroller displays the number of cycles with polarities at which the failure has taken place.

An innovative portion of this product is the specially designed legacy pneumatic switch which has an unique advantage over contactor: It prevents the bouncing of contactor contacts generating a relatively accurate wave-shape of a very short duration.

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