Is designed to carry out fire hazard testing as specified in IEC 60695-2-10 2000-10

CE certified by ERTL West
Nickel / Chromium based heating element (glow wire)
Cr/Al based fine wire based thermocouple for temperature sensing
Temperature Range: Adjustable up to 960° centigrade
A motorized sliding carrier with an universally adjusted SS perforated tray is provided to mount the specimen
Self adjusting constant current mode operation as soon as heater-specimen contact is established
Motor brings the jig back to the pre-test position automatically as soon as the test is concluded
Time Controller: Micro-controller based programmable timer 0 to 999secPrecision scale: Precision scale is provided to measure the height of the flame
Safety – Emergency Switch, MCB, Fuses
Dimensions – 600mm W x 300mm D x 610mm H
Entire panel hoisted in aluminium sections for better aesthetics
Fully Automated Panel
A favourite of Industry Giants for testing of sockets, circuit breakers, switches and other accessories against flammability!

  • Temperature Sensor – Thermocouple: Fine wire of Cr/Al of 0.5 mm diameter located in 0.6 mm diameter pocket hole in temperature sheath resistant to 1000 degree centigrade

  • In the model GWT A2, current is held approximately constant (15 % swing) once the heating element touches the specimen.

  • Heating Element – Glow Wire: Nickel / Chromium (Ni/Cr-80:20%) wire of 4mm diameter with a shape as per the standard

  • Time Controller: Micro-controller based programmable timer 0 to 999 sec

    • The total test time can be programmed through keyboard

    • The ignition time and extinguish time of flame can be registered in timer

    • The stored time values can be viewed after the end of test

  • Penetration Depth: Mechanically restricted to 7 mm

  • Specimen size: 180 x 150 max. & 15 x 15 Sq. mm min., Thickness 10mm to 80 mm.

  • Test specimen contact force against the glow wire is preloaded to 0.8 to 1.2N

  • Dimensions – 600 mm W x 300 mm D x 610 mm H.

  • Supply – 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase, 500 VA

designed to carry out fire hazard testing (Resistance to Flammability) as specified in IEC 60695-2-10 2000-10 thus simulating exact real life a device catching fire scenario. The glow-wire test is also referred in many other standards such as IS 11000, IS 3854 : 1997 / IS 1293 :1988 / IS 371 :1999 & IS 11000 Pt 2 Sec 1, IEC 60335, IEC 884/94, IEC 60598, IEC 61058, IEC 60512, BS 6458, BS EN 60695 –2-10,11,12 and many other standards. 

The automatic version of the Glow Wire Tester (GWT 02) is sophisticated in the sense that the movement of mounting jig is governed by an electric motor instead of a fixed weight. The mounting jig can be moved forward or reverse with the help of a push button enabling ease of operation throughout the test. As soon as the specimen under test makes contact with the heater, the test mode switches over from a constant temperature mode to the constant current mode as demanded by the latest IEC specification.

The system comes in built with a legacy microcontroller which has a PID controller to maintain a constant temperature (and constant current when the specimen touches the heating element)

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