TEST SET UP FOR LED DRIVER, MCPCB AND LUMINARY FIXTURE SCR ELEKTRONIKS have developed a Comprehensive tester for the manufacturers of LED Luminary to test their LED MCPCB, LED Drivers and LED Fixtures, in a single bench.

Manual mode: To select, either driver testing or MCPCB testing or the LED luminary fixture testing, there is a selector switching for choosing it. According to this selector swith position, the tests for a particular test would be activated

In manual mode first the settings(parameters) for all the tests need to b done manually. For Ex.
There is a Variac Knob to adjust the HV required and a leakage current selector switch to set the leakage current range.

There is a potmeter to set the resistance range for the Earth Bond test. There are various other switches.

There is a selector switch to set the resistance range for the Insulation test.

There is a potmeter to set the leakage current for the leakage current test

The equipment would have 4 meters to display the result of 4 tests- HV test, Earth Bond Test, Insulation Test, Leakage Current Test.

For checking the performance of the LED component at rated voltage 230V/+-10%, there are 3 more meters to display the Voltage, Current, And Wattage of the LED component.

(Working on equipment is very easy to operate and we will provide a manual for the entire testing equipment which would contain “working manual mode” segment where you can easily understand the manual working”

2) Auto Mode: There is a PC Computer System. This is a standard branded PC with windows operating system. This is used for collecting the test results from panel and display it on PC Monitor. This also provides interface for Barcode / QR Code Scanner and Barcode / QR Code Printer. The specially designed software “Testware” is installed in PC for generating reports and providing connectively to other computer/LAN.

Testware(software): This is customised software for data collection, display & stored Test result, scanner, printer and other computer server.

The screen would have a menu screen, and many other sub windows where there will be options to Log in, Conduct
test, Report, Settings etc. Below is an example

Separate tests for LED PCB testing, LED driver testing, and LED luminary

Tests for Driver testing

1) High Voltage Test : The test will be carried out at 1.5kV between

i) Between Input and output.

ii) Between Body and Input Output terminals shorted together.

2) Performance Test :

Open circuit output voltage DC.

a) Low Voltage Cut Off Test

b) Low Voltage Performance Test.

Is done only in Auto/PC mode

c) Nominal Voltage Performance Test.

d) Efficiency Calculation

e) T.H.D. At Input supply.

f) High Voltage Performance Test

f) High Voltage Cut Off Test

Tests for MCPCB testing

The set up will be useful for carrying out following tests for LED Assembly Unit

  1. HV Test at 3kV max.

  2. Insultation (Megger) Test at 500V DC

  3. Run Test : To measure DC Voltage DC Current.

Tests for Driver Testing

      1. Earth Bond Test – 10Amps/10V.

      1. HV Test at 1.5kV but facility to test 4kV in manual mode.

      2. Insulation Resistance Test.

      3. Leakage Current Test

      4. Lamp Burning Test(only in PC mode)

Input voltage is increased slowly and the voltage is noted at the point when the lamp starts burning.

6. Performance Test

a) Low Voltage Cut Off Test

Is done only in Auto/PC mode

b) Low Voltage Performance Test.

c) Nominal Voltage Performance Test

d) Efficiency Calculation (Optional)

e) High Voltage Performance Test

f) High Voltage Cut Off Test

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