3 station MCB 28 Days and Temperature Rise Test Bench

"To verify the 28 Days Test (21 hr ON, 3 hr OFF Test) as per clause 9.9 of IEC 60898-1"

Stand alone unit after initial configuration of test parameters: The panel is capable to generate accurate test results for a continuous period of 28 days as required in the 28 days test

Cooling shall be provided by means of optimally placed Exhaust fans distributed all over to remove the hot air generated inside the panel cabinet

Power Loss Measurement available as an extra feature
Single / Three Phase operation possible
Servo controlled mechanism to control current (+/- 1%) against incoming fluctuations
Microcontroller based timer unit for quick and easy user interface and automated operation
Inductors with tapping for each range will be provided for maintaining the open circuit voltage to 30V. This eliminates energy wastage during test
User may opt for test bench with heating chamber for testing at 60 o C

  • Total current range 0 to 200 A

  • 0.5A to 125A at 30V open circuit Voltage CT range 2A, 5A, 10A, 25A, 50A, 100A,200A

  • 50 / 60 Hz operation as per incoming line frequency

  • Overall accuracy of the panel is better than class 1.0

  • Digital Temperature Indicator with input from thermocouple

  • Digital Volt Meter with 5 ranges (200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 250V) to measure open circuit voltage & mV drop across MCB

  • Digital Ammeter with CT (Indication on servo controller)

  • Class 1 Accuracy

Test Bench is economically designed to verify the 28 Days Test (21 hr ON, 3 hr OFF Test) as per clause 9.9 of IEC 60898-1 and Temperature Rise of the parts of a Circuit Breaker specified in Table 6 of clause 8.4.1 measured under the conditions specified in clause 9.8.2 of IEC 60898-1.

In the 28 Days Test, the MCB is subjected to 28 cycles, each comprising 21 hrs with rated current at an open circuit voltage of 30 V and 3 hrs without current for a continuous period of 28 days. The 28 Days Test and Temperature Rise Measurement are carried out simultaneously by the micro controller based timer unit and the digital temperature data logger measures the temperature at the locations where thermal measurement probes are placed. Another feature, viz. Power loss measurement across a closed MCB can be made available as per customized need.

The microcontroller based timer unit has a unique feature in it such that in diagnostic mode the panel can be run in fast mode, where in the entire test cycle is programmed (by the user on the micro controller based timer) and carried out in accelerated mode (10 minutes) to check the functioning of the test bench at rated currents. (A process that otherwise would have taken 28 days).

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