3 phase 450 V, 100 A, p.f. 0.2 lag to 0.6 lead Inductive and Capacitive Loads for testing different types of Switches

Specifically designed as per IS 3854, IEC 60884, IEC 60669

Custom made pneumatically operated test jigs available for loading of product

Servo controlled operation deliverable wherever necessary for fine tuning (greater accuracy)

Industrial Grade Wire Wound Resistances with enamel coating

Micro controller based operation to control electrical as well as mechanical switching using contactors and pneumatic fixtures respectively
Per phase digital volt meter, digital ammeter and digital power
Ceramic tube based insulated industrial grade resistances

Load Selection Chart will be provided for discrete values of Voltage, Current and p.f .

Rotary switches for load selection: Ensures faster and safer operation

Overload protection through MCB and electronic tripping circuit

Contact weld / Contact open protection circuit as an extra accessory to ensure safe operation of critical contacts in the load bank.

Cooling Fan Failure Indication as an extra accessory to ensure safe operation of the load from overheating.
Fabrication: M.S. Powder Coated Cabinet.
The system can be customized to provide flexible load

Power factor range from 0.2 lag to unity; 0.6 lead to unity

Current up to 100 A. The range can be extended further if required

Voltage up to 450 V three phase / 250 V single phase

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